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We help e-commerce brands outshine their competitors with stupidly profitable advertising campaigns

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Getting consistent sales & scaling your brand

You spend money on influencer marketing and are not getting results

You have spent good money on influencer marketing for it to just die out within a month with no data for analysing & retargeting.

You have had previous painful experiences before

You have been spending money with other marketing agencies, and they couldn't provide the results they promised.

You struggle to find time marketing your business.

Are you finding it hard to manage your business as well as marketing it?

You are worried about spending money on things you aren’t sure about

You don't want to invest 1000s into advertising without knowing what you are getting back from it.

You find it hard to grow your business

Are you making sales but trying to figure out the best way to scale your business and grow your brand?

You have no marketing campaign data to analyse

You have no visibility on your ROAS or data to analyse from your marketing campaigns which makes knowing how to run future marketing campaigns harder.


Why choose Swoop Marketing?

Our founder, Ben Stallwood, started his journey with an e-commerce business of his own. Ben ground out sales month in month out and has developed an excellent fundamental understanding of the process & struggles that most e-commerce business owners go through.

Ben managed to solve the biggest problem with e-commerce businesses – building and maintaining a customer base. Ben now brings his ideas and methods to other business owners through Swoop Marketing, the digital advertising service.

In its relatively short time in this market, Swoop Marketing has already proven that its digital advertising program works time and time again. Talk to us about how Swoop Marketing does it.

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This 15 - 30 minute consultation meeting will cover what we do in more detail, how we can help you and what our initial 90-day program works including a quote.


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